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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A brand of sound isolating Raft connectors for noise reduction. The term “HushFrame” is a proprietary trademark.

    A wood and silicone noise decoupling devices that are installed inside walls & floor/ceiling assemblies. These devices also called resilient clips, attenuate the noise that can pass through the assemblies.

    The term “Vi-Bridge” is a proprietary trademark, and it represents the patented design, configuration, and performance of the silicone core of the Raft connectors.

    We define noise is any unwanted sound.

    Our Raft Connectors provide a flexible point (resilient silicone rubber) connection between building structure and drywall. This prevents sound vibration energy traveling though the assembly.

    HushFrame Raft connectors are wood construction system friendly. They can be installed with nails, screws, or adhesives. They can be cut, trimmed, or modified, and most importantly, they don’t require the use of metal hat channel.

    HushFrame Raft connectors are less expensive than metal clips, considering their load bearing capacity and use of inexpensive wood strapping. When you factor in the simplicity of installation, there’s significant labor savings as well. Arguably the lowest cost noise isolation technology per installed decibel of reduction.

    They are very effective. A typical installation will result in a 50% to 80% reduction of noise moving through a given assembly. To see a video of how Raft Connectors were tested to establish this claim click here.

    We guarantee that our test results provided by independent acoustical labs are genuine and accurate. Field performance of soundproofing assemblies depends on many factors beyond our control. If you are unsure of your situation, we recommend that you consult a qualified acoustical engineer.

    Installation of the Raft Connectors adds 25 mm (1-inch) to the wall thickness.  This is the most compact resilient connector on the market. This allows builders to maximize useful square footage of finished spaces.

    Yes, we have cUL certification for most of our assemblies.  Use of products in fire rated assemblies must be approved by a qualified architect of professional engineer.

    Most of our assemblies exceed the minimum STC 50 requirement mandated by the building code. Many of our assemblies also exceed the STC 55 requirement for separation between residencies and common elements.  Some of our assemblies meet the STC 60 recommendations for high end residential construction.

    We recommend purchasing a small excess of product to make sure you have enough to complete the project. We accept return and issue a refund of up to 20% of the purchased amount at no charge. You pay only for return shipping. In case you need to return more than 20% of your purchase, we charge 25% restocking fee.